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International Birth Defects Information Systems Welcome to IBIS
Mission: Amelioration, Prevention and Genetic Counseling concerning Birth Defects, Genetic Disorders, Congenital Malformations, Anomalies and Developmental Disorders

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World Birth Defects Prevention Day (click) BP oil spill causes malformations (US Academy of Sciences) (click) Phthalates (PCB) reduce male fertility (Nat. Inst. Child Health and Human Development) (click)

Birth Defects are a major cause of infant mortality and a leading cause of disability. Early intervention is important to ameliorate the consequences of birth defects and requires accurate diagnosis and understanding of causes.

Birth Defects can be prevented!


A multi-lingual website dedicated to promoting better care and prevention of birth defects through information sharing.

    IBIS offers
  • Overviews of birth defects, genetics and teratology
  • Links to support groups and healthcare providers
  • Factsheets for families and professionals

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Our websites offer information mostly for educational purposes with no intent to alter health care protocols nor to serve as a sole source of medical information. Always seek the advice of your local health care provider.

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