Omni-Net Ukraine Birth Defects Prevention Program
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International Birth Defects Information Systems Omni-Net Ukraine Birth Defects Prevention Program
Mission: Amelioration, Prevention and Genetic Counseling concerning Birth Defects, Genetic Disorders, Congenital Malformations, Anomalies and Developmental Disorders

Humanities Resources Pregnancy
  • Establish birth defects surveillance systems, treatment and prevention programs based on international standards.
  • Prevent developmental disabilities related to institutionalizations with emphasis on early interventions.
  • Promote creation of parental support groups.
  • Promote medical education, training and research through national and international partnerships.
  • Estabilish electronic information resources for dissemination and tele-consultations.
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Key Articles, Prepared by OMNI-Net Specialists

  1. Blastopathies and microcephaly in a Chornobyl impacted region of Ukraine ("Congenital Anomalies"):

  2. Pregnant Women with High Levels of 137-Caesium and High Rates of Congenital Anomalies near Chornobyl (Informal review):

  3. Congenital Malformations in Rivne, Ukraine (Informal review):

  4. Malformations in a Chornobyl-Impacted Region ("Pediatrics"):
    • In English (pdf, 461 Kb)
    • In Ukrainian (pdf, 457 Kb)
    • The Effects of Chernobyl Revisited Years Later (comment of the "Pediatrics" editor-in-chief):
    • Debate Over Health Effects of Chernobyl Re-Ignited ("The Lancet" discussion):
    • Higher Birth-Defect Rate Seen in Chernobyl Area ("Reuters" news):

  5. Chronic Radiation Exposure in the Rivne-Polissia Region of Ukraine: Implications for Birth Defects ("American Journal of Human Biology"):

  6. Birth Defects Surveillance in Ukraine: a Process ("Journal of Applied Genetics"):

  7. High Rates of Neural Tube Defects in Ukraine ("Birth Defects Research (Part A))":

  8. Polissia. New Initiative and Call for Participation:

  9. OMNI-Net Aspects of Child Development Reports (2000-2011):

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