International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz

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Seeking Sponsors of Concerts by Young Piano Prodigies
 Winners are Birth Defects Prevention Ambassadors
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One of the most interesting features of the Vladimir Horowitz International Piano Competition is that the Organization commits its efforts to find performing stages for the winners of its competitions. The success of this approach rests, to a great extent, in the ample array of very talented young winners from many nations and the constant addition of new winners emerging from ongoing competitions.

Another unique feature of the concerts offered is that they are dedicated to the prevention of birth defects and childhood disabilities. We find that music is an international language and that children who are prodigies are wonderful ambassadors of good will.

Our Organization seeks concert sponsors by offering, virtually at cost, teams of three outstanding performers, a child, a young teen and a young adult. These outstanding young artists perform as soloists and, whenever possible, with orchestra.

Patrons, organizations and academic institutions have organized concerts. The rules are simple - funding of transportation, local expenses and a modest donation. Concerts have also been organized as gala events and fundraising events. In such cases, the net proceeds are divided into three equal parts for the organizers, our International Birth Defects Information System and the Horowitz Competition Organization.

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