The Genetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Humans (Figures: 1-4)
by James V. Neel

Figure 1. A computer-processed image of a silver-stained two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel of the protein contents of peripheral lymphocytes.

Figure 2. A computer-processed image of a two-dimensional gel of enzyme-digested genomic DNA obtained from one of the lymphocytoid cell lines established at RERF.

Figure 3. Two examples, in two different trios, of one type of genetic variation encountered in computer images of the 2-D DNA gels prepared from the RERF cell lines. In the first example, the father is heterozygous for a segregating variant, the mother is homozygous for the normal fragment, and the child has received a normal fragment from the mother and the variant from the father. In the second example, both parents are heterozygous for a variant but the child has received the normal fragment from both parents.

Figure 4 A computer-processed image of a 2-D DNA gels prepared from an EBV-transformed single cell lymphocytoid clone derived from an American Caucasoid.