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Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program

Realization Results of the Program's Goals

Goal 4. Development of Oblast Newborns Registries.

  • "Newborns Registry" software was developed.

  • Newborns databases were created for 2000-2003 in Rivne and Volyn Oblasts. All our procedures of the databases creation are consistent with the requirements of personified information confidentiality.
  • Advantages of the Newborns Registry:

    Newborns registry not only improves but considerably supplements data of current newborn medical statistics, improves its analytical possibilities and has a practical importance for specialists involved in the health care system (example in table 6).

    Table 6

    Morbidity Rate among Males and Females
    in Two Oblasts per 1000 Livebirths

    Morbidity classes* Oblast 1** Oblast 2**
    Morbidity rate Males rate in % to females
    Morbidity rate Males rate in % to females
    Males (a) Females (b) Males (a) Females (b)
    Some conditions
    in perinatal period
    (P05 - P96)
    382.3 349.5 109.4 266.9 240.2 111.1
    Among them: growth
    delay, malnutrition
    (P05 - P07)
    96.3 138.2 69.7 66.8 84.9 78.6
    Delivery trauma
    (P10 - P15)
    51.9 32.6 159.4 32.4 24.2 133.8
    Intrauterine hypoxia and asphyxia during delivery
    (P20 - P21)
    95.0 80.2 118.5 63.9 55.4 115.3
    Infections specific for perinatal period
    (P35, P37, P39)
    11.5 7.8 147.9 10.3 10.0 102.8
    Hemolytic disease
    (P55, P56, P57)
    18.8 20.8 90.6 4.4 6.4 68.9
    Congenital anomalies and chromosomal defects
    (Q00 - Q99)
    36.8 27.3 134.7 42.1 29.9 140.8
    Other causes 4.7 4.3 108.4 7.8 6.6 118.5
    Total 403.4 368.9 109.4 316.7 276.7 114.5
    * According to the International Classification of Diseases - ICD-X
    ** Oblast names are not indicated

  • During 2001-2002 there were held scientific practical seminars concerning database creation, functioning and analysis for medical specialists and programmers under the leadership of Dr. O. Wolowyna (Informed Decisions, Inc, USA) in Kyiv, Rivne, Lutsk, Dubno (Rivne Oblast). Among the participants of the seminars there were specialists from Kyiv and all oblasts participating the Program.

  • New technologies were implemented for database processing and analysis. In 2003 the UABDP programmers created software for automatic variance correction in the Newborn Registry databases and provided its testing.

  • Since 2002 Newborns Registry was implemented in Dubno Rayon of the Rivne Oblast. With this purpose the Dubno Maternity Hospital received a computer with necessary software.

  • "Infant Mortality Analysis" software was developed and delivered to medical statistics departments of the Rivne Regional Children's Hospital and the Volyn Regional Children's Territorial Medical Center.

  • "Newborns Registry" manuals were prepared for publishing. They include description of the informational system and characteristics of medical demographic situation according to the registry data in the Volyn and Rivne Oblasts. Advance copies were delivered to prominent neonatologists of Ukraine for reviewing. The positive responses were received from Prof. Y. Korzhynsky (Chief of Pediatrics and Neonatology Department, Lviv National Medical University), Assistant Professor H. Linchevsky, (Head of the Neonatology Course of Post-Diploma Education Department, Donetsk State Medical University named after M. Horky), Prof. N. Banadyha (Chief of Pediatrics Chair of Post-Diploma Education Department, Ternopil State Medical Academy) and Prof. Y. Shunko (Chief of Neonatology Department, Kyiv Medical Academy of Post-Diploma Education).

  • There were prepared for publishing 2 articles based on the Newborns Registry data:

    1. Newborns Registry: Possibility of Use for Regional Medical Demographic Analysis /W. Wertelecki, Y. Masliy, M. Dumanovska, I. Shumlyansky, O. Wolowyna, O. Shevchuk, N. Levchuk, L. Yevtushok, V. Sadovets.

    2. Newborns Registry as a Part of the Health Care Informational Structure of the Region /W. Wertelecki, Y. Masliy, V. Samohin, H. Vashchylin, I. Shumlyansky, O. Wolowyna, N. Levchuk, O. Shevchuk, L. Yevtushok, T. Vihovska, T. Zhurakivska, O. Radyvanyuk.

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