Table 2. A summary of the various indicators of genetic radiation damage pursued in murine experiments and the doubling dose they yield. References to, and a discussion of, the specific studies yielding these results will be found in Neel and Lewis (1990).

System Doublin a dose (Gy)   Strain of origin of treated males
1. Russell 7-locus .44   101 x C3H
2. Dominant visibles .16   various
3. Dominant cataract 1.57   101/El x C3H/El
4. Skeletal malformations .26   101
5. Histocompatibility loci >2.60   C57B1/6JN
6. Recessive lethals .51   DBA
  .80 1.77 C3H/HeH x 101/H
  4.00   CBA, C3H
7. Loci encoding for proteins .11   various
8. Recessive visibles 3.89   C3H/HeH x 101/H
Average 1.35    

Genetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Humans by J.V. Neel