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The “Day of Not-For-Profit Organizations” Meets Friends
(May 27, 2000, Kyiv, Ukraine)

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I. Kharytonova, M.D.
Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program Liaison

On the hot Saturday of May 27 the festival of Not-For-Profit Organizations (NPO) started in Kyiv at the picturesque slopes of Dnipro River near the Arch of Friendship. It was the first time that such event took place in Ukraine, and the second in Europe (Poland).

The Festival banner invites guests
The Festival banner invites guests

The festival was organized as the part of the Kyiv Day Feast under support of the Kyiv State Administration, Department for Internal Policy, and not-for-profit organization the “Innovation and Development Center”. The Ukrainian Alliance for the Prevention Birth Defects (UAPBD) has joyfully accepted the invitation to participate in this festival.

Such events give us a possibility to communicate with other NPO, exchange views and find new counterparts.

Our new friends - Salvation Army, Ukrainian Branch
Our new friends - Salvation Army, Ukrainian Branch
Members of UAPBD working at the information desk
Members of UAPBD working at the information desk.
   From left to right: Mrs. L. Tsipkun, Dr. I. Kharytonova,   
Dr. V. Pavlyuk, Prof. T. Nabukhotny
The festival catalogue
The festival catalogue

A lot of people, both citizens of Kyiv and guests have visited our information desk. They were interested in everything – from “ABC” of birth defects up to the UAPBD goals, activities, and plans for future. All of them received information materials – the “Folic Acid” and “UAPBD” pamphlets, the leaflets “Price of Civilization”, and small-size posters “Harmony in the World Free of Birth Defects”. The use of the Internet informational resources (International Birth Defect Information Systems – I.B.I.S.) for public drew special attention.

The visitors of the Guest Book, who represented mostly the NPO for social protection of families, women, handicapped and youth left their inquires and proposals to spread knowledge concerning birth defects.

153 funds and organizations represented themselves during the “Day of Not-For-Profit Organizations” festival.

The festival catalogue was given to all the participants in remembrance of this event.

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