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Rivne Conference of Neonatologists and

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Rivne Clinical Diagnostic Center (October 12, 1999, Rivne, Ukraine)

Reported by O. Mikhasyuk, UABDP Information Officer
Reviewed by L. Yevtushok, UABDP Medical Director     

The conference was devoted to conducting Birth Defects monitoring according to international standards. Among the participants were Ihor Shumlyansky, director of the Diagnostic Center, Olexandr Shevchuk, chief neonatologist of the Rivne region, Lubov Yevtushok, geneticist and medical director of the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program, medical center staff, and neonatologists from all the districts (25).

The conference participants were greeted by the Rivne Oblast Health Administration. Ihor Shumlyansky told them about the aims and tasks of the Program. He emphasized the work which was already done and outlined future plans. Olexander Shevchuk explained the importance of prompt execution of tasks and the ways of realizing them.

During the conference the doctors were informed about the new registration forms for neonates. Lubov Yevtushok clarified methods and levels of birth defects registration by neonatologists and pediatricians, the role of medical-genetic consultation in carrying out the Rivne Region Health Service Program, and about the ways of realization of the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program. Zoryana Sosinyuk, the Program administrator, told how forms had to be filled out when birth defects have been revealed.

Z. Sosinyuk is explaining the rules of filling out new surveillance forms
Z. Sosinyuk is explaining the rules of filling out
new surveillance forms

At the end of the conference Olexiy Mikhasyuk, the information specialist, presented the first part of the medical film "Pearls of Dysmorphology", created by Brian Hall, MD, and the medical genetics department staff of the University of Kentucky. This film was kindly given to the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program by Wladimir Wertelecki, M.D., Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medical Genetics, University of South Alabama.

After the conference the neonatologists were presented manuals in neonatology, birth defects diagnostic algorithms, and lists of birth defects nosologic types, which demand genetic consultation. The digital SONY camera was given to Olexander Shevchuk.

Yevtushok, MD (left) is giving manuals to neonatologists
Yevtushok, MD (left) is giving manuals
to neonatologists
O. Shevchuk receiving Sony digital camera
O. Shevchuk receiving Sony digital camera

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