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Rivne Birth Defects Center Opening Ceremony

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Rivne Clinical Diagnostic Center (October 21, 1999, Rivne, Ukraine)

Reported by O. Mikhasyuk, UABDP Information Officer
Reviewed by L. Yevtushok, UABDP Medical Director     

October 21, 1999 in the Rivne Clinical Diagnostic Center the solemn opening of the Rivne Center of the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program was held. The participants of the ceremony were: Ihor Barylyak, director of the Ukrainian Scientific Center of Medical Genetics; Oleg Gnateiko, director of the Lviv Hereditary Pathology Institute; Irene Kharitonova, coordinator of the Program; Victor Polishchuk, head of the Region Health Care Administration; Ihor Shumlyansky, director of the Rivne Clinical Diagnostic Center; the representatives of the Region Health Care Administration; neonatologists; delegations from Volyn, Ternopil and other regions; the representatives of mass-media.

Celebratory concert began at 2 P.M. After that professor Polishuk, professor Barylyak, professor Gnateiko and director of the Rivne Clinical Diagnostic Center welcomed participants with the words of greetings.

At 2.30 P.M. the professors Polishchuk, Barylyak and Gnateiko solemnly opened the Rivne BDP Center.

Drs. V. Polishchuk, O. Gnateiko, M. Dumanovska, I. Barylyak, and I. Shumlyansky
From left to right: Drs. V. Polishchuk, O. Gnateiko,
M. Dumanovska, I. Barylyak, and I. Shumlyansky

After a short speech the Head of the Genetic Department, medical director of the program Lubov Yevtushok led the visitors around the Department. The visitors were escorted through the premises of the Medico-Genetic Consultation, the basis for the Rivne BDP Centre. Staff members pointed out the computer equipment, scientific materials and books transferred by the USAID and the University of South Alabama. Attention was directed to the potential of the INTERNET and, especially, the pride of the Ukrainian and American genetists, their joint project - Ukrainian information web-site devoted to birth defects - I.B.I.S.

During the celebratory concert
During the celebratory concert
Press conference for representatives of newspapers, TV and radio
Press conference for representatives
of newspapers, TV and radio

After the solemn opening a press conference for representatives of newspapers, TV and radio was held. The press conference was conducted by the assistant of the Region Health Care Administration head Mary Dumanovska. Victor Polishchuk and Ihor Shumlyansky have shared regional responsibilities, and professors Barylyak and Gnateiko noted the importance and timeliness the program introduction in two neighboring regions - Rivne and Volyn. The neonatologist from Lutsk, Tetyana Vigovska, pointed out the many birth problems, which confront doctors and the necessity of prompt implementation of the monitoring and birth defects prevention program. The Ukrainian Alliance for Birth Defects Prevention was discussed by Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program coordinator Dr. Irene Kharitonova. Press conference participants answered questions from the journalists.

After the solemn closing, the guests were invited to a celebratory banquet.

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