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Iryna Kharytonova
Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program Liaison

September 4-15, 2000

Today one of the ongoing activities of the Ukrainian Alliance is our partnership with the parental support groups in Ukraine. First of all our concern is to reduce informational isolation of parents because of abscence of Internet access and educational gap related to electronic informational resources use. This is the field where Alliance closely cooperates with the IREX Internet Access & Training Program.

The 12-hour-training course for parents of children with PKU and cystic fibrosis was conducted this September in Kyiv. The audience received some knowledge on basic Internet technologies and Internet service as well as on principles and protocols of electronic and Web mail use. The subject of the last lesson was information search using various search engines.

Unfortunately, the opinion that everyday Internet use is too complicated for lay people who are not educated in a special way is still popular in our society. I hope that impressions of some participants of Internet training course given below would change the opinion of pessimists and diffident persons:

Mrs. Olena Klindukhova, mother of a 17-year-old PKU affected child:

Mrs. Alla Lazarenkova, mother of a 15-year-old PKU affected child:

Mrs. Lyudmyla Khandus', mother of an 11-year-old PKU affected child:

According to the old saying, "The door opens for one who knocks".

Mrs. Mariya Makovska, IATP Program teacher, with her students
Group picture of IATP students - members of the Ukrainian Alliance
Mrs. Mariya Makovska, IATP Program teacher, with her students
Group picture of IATP students - members of the Ukrainian Alliance

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