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Amniotic Constricting Band Syndrome - Abdominal Wall Defects

International Birth Defects Information Systems

Amniotic Constricting Band Syndrome - Abdominal Wall Defects
ADAM Complex - Abdominal Wall Complex - LBWC

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Congenital Constricting Bands
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A considerable body of observations indicated that rupture of the amnion and constriction of members which are displaced through holes in the amnion are involved. Amputated parts have been recovered in some instances ...

Presumptive limb body wall complex detected by Ultrasound, Jul 19, 2011
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Limb-body wall complex refers to a rare combination of disruptive and lethal abnormalities which start early in the gestational process. Abnormalities commonly associated with this disorder include cranio-facial abnormalities, scoliosis, ventral body wall defect (thoraco-abdominoschisis), limb deformations, short umbilical cord, and others. Other terms used to describe similar findings include short umbilical cord syndrome, body-stalk anomaly, and amniotic band syndrome. The causes of this disorder are not fully understood.

Amniotic Band Syndrome: a population-based study in two Australian states
C. Bower, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Western Australia, 1993
"A search for cases of amniotic band syndrome was made in two population-based Australian birth defects registries ... 2.03 per10,000 births ... more common in mothers younger than 25 years of age, and in first birth ..."

Caudal appendix in sequential defects of amniotic rupture
Pathology Unit of the Acapulco General Hospital, March 1997
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" ... amniotic adhesion, limb body wall complex, and the presence of a pseudotail ... "  
Adam Complex ( amniotic deformity, adhesion, mutilation )
H. Keller, American Journal of Medical Genetics
"... Eight patients with the craniofacial defects and limb anomalies ofthe ADAM complex ... facial abnormalities comprise clefts and distortion and dislocation of craniofacial structures ... ADAM complex varies enormously..." 

Limb deformations in oligohydramnios sequence: effects of gestational age and duration of oligohydramnios
C. Christianson, D. Huff and E.McPherson, American Journal of Medical Genetics 86:430–433(1999)
"... The causes of oligohydramnios included premature rupture of membranes ( 44 cases ), fetal renal insufficiency ( 25 cases ), idiopathic ( 15cases ), and twin-twin transfusion ( 6 cases ) ..."

In utero Lysis of Amniotic Bands
Quintero RA; et al, Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 1997 Nov;10(5):316-20
Fetuses with amniotic band syndrome with associated limb constriction in which the amniotic band was surgically interrupted to avoid spontaneous amputation of the extremity ...

Amniotic Band Syndrome in Fetal Lambs. I: Fetoscopic Release & Morphometric Outcome
Cromblehome TM; Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1995 Jul;30(7):974-8.
Eight fetal lambs underwent banding of their extremities with umbilical tape at 100 days' gestation ... There were no differences between fetoscopically released limbs and control limbs ...

Limb Amputation in Amniotic Band Syndrome: Serial Ultrasonographic and Doppler Observations
Tadmor OP; Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 1997 Nov;10(5):312-5 ...
Bilateral fetal lower limb edema diagnosed previously. Ultrasonography showed a constriction ring around both legs, and ... This was followed by the gradual bending, breaking and resorption of the tibia and fibula of the right leg. Between weeks 30 and 34, gradual shrinkage of the remains of the right leg beneath the knee was recorded by serial ultrasonic observations. At the 38th week of gestation, a male infant was born by normal vaginal delivery. Examination at birth revealed amputation of the right leg below the knee, with a denuded end of the stump ... This case afforded us the opportunity of inutero following of natural limb amputation in the amniotic band syndrome ...

Amniotic Band Syndrome
National Organization for Rare Disorders, September 05, 2018

Amniotic Band Syndrome
Luis Flavio Goncalves, MD, Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ... Vanderbilt University ...
Synonyms: ADAM complex ( amniotic deformities, adhesion, mutilation ), amniotic band sequence, amniotic disruption complex, annular grooves, congenital amputation, congenital Constricting bands, streeter bands, transverse terminal ...
Definition: Amniotic band syndrome is a set of congenital malformations ranging from minor constriction rings and lymph-edema of the digits to complex, bizzarre multiple congenital anomalies that are attributed to amniotic bands that stick, entangle and disrupt fetal parts ...
Prevalence: The prevalence for live births is 7.7 :10,000; for spontaneous abortions it can be as high as 178:10.000 ...

Amniotic Constricting Band Syndrome Fact Sheet for Specialists
I.B.I.S. Birth Defects, March 11, 2002
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