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Arsenic, a naturally occurring element, can combine with either inorganic or organic substances to form many different compounds. Inorganic arsenic compounds are in soils, sediments, and groundwater. These compounds occur either naturally, or as a result of mining, ore smelting, or when using arsenic for industrial purposes. Organic arsenic compounds exist mainly in fish and shellfish.

Arsenic Trioxide, Hazardous substance fact sheet
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
Arsenic Trioxide can affect you when breathed ... Arsenic Trioxide is a CARNICOGEN ...

Arsenic, Inorganic
Sufficient. Studies of smelter worker populations ... have all found an association between occupational arsenic exposure and lung cancer mortality ... A cross-sectional study of 40,000 Taiwanese exposed to arsenic in drinking water found significant excess skin ... incidence of palmar keratosis, skin hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, and four skin cancers ... A significant dose-response relationship was found between arsenic levels in artesian well water in 42 villages in the southwestern Taiwan and age- adjusted mortality rates from cancers at all sites ...

Arsenic and Compounds
United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2000
Other sources of inorganic arsenic exposure include burning plywood treated with an arsenic wood preservative or dermal contact with wood treated with arsenic ... Reproductive/Developmental Effects: Several studies suggest that women who work in, or live near, metal smelters may have higher than normal spontaneous abortion rates, and their children may exhibit lower than normal birthweights. However, these studies are limited ... studies have reported inorganic arsenic exposure to be strongly associated with lung cancer ...

Arsenic Trioxide
Visitor Comments [Spanish]
Que es arsenic trioxide?: Arsenic trioxide es un medicamento contra el cancer. Arsenic trioxide interfiere con el crecimiento de las celulas cancerosas y demora su crecimiento y distribucion por el cuerpo. Arsenic trioxide se usa en el tratamiento de leucemia promielocitica aguda (LPA/APL). Arsenic trioxide puede tambien ser usada para fines diferentes a los mencionados en esta guia del medicamento.


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