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International Birth Defects Information Systems
Birth Defects Genetics Teratology Teaching Curricula

International Birth Defects Information Systems

Birth Defects Genetics Teratology Teaching Curricula

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Clinical Molecular Genetics Society
Preparation for MRC Path Part 1.

Human Genetics Problem Set
University of Arizona.

Blazing a Genetic Trail
A Brief Key to Basic Genetics.

Mendel and His Achievements

The MBCR Guide to computer-aided sequence analysis (Archived)

DNA Workshop
A Science Odyssey: DNA Workshop.

Chromosome Abnormalities

Introduction to Chromosomes
Chromosome Deletion Outreach, Inc.

Cytogenetics Image Gallery
Cecilia Wendin, Doug Chapman, David Adler, and Kris Carroll.

Actividad de Hacer los Cariotipos
Visitor Comments [Spanish]
Este ejercicio es una simulación de como hacer cariotipos en los seres humanos con las imágenes digitales de cromosomas de estudios reales de la genética humana.

History of human cytogenetics (Archived)

Guía sobre Meiosis
Materials adopted from the University of Arizona
Visitor Comments [Spanish]
El Proyecto Biologico - Biologia Celular.
Traducción hecha en la Universidad de Formosa, Argentina.

The Visible Embryo
"The spiral represents the 23 stages occurring in the first trimester of pregnancy and every two weeks of the second and third trimesters. Use the spiral to navigate through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and preview the unique changes in each stage of human development."

Odyssey of Life: Morphing Embryos Vivid Images

Selected Conditions of Young Children with Disabilities (Archived)
Pediatric Development and Behavior.

Developmental Genetics (Archived)
James MCGrath M.D., Ph.D., Yale University.

Pediatric Surgery Images
Vesalius Image Archive.

Aaron's Tracheostomy Page
... care for a child with a tracheostomy ...

Exceptional Parent Magazine

Supercourse: Primary Prevention of Birth Defects
Visitor Comments [English] [Portuguese] [Spanish]

Clinical Genetics Computer Resources

Imaging Teaching Files
University Hospitals of Cleveland Department of Radiology.
Achondroplasia ...

Clinical Genetics: A Self Study for Health Care Providers
Virginia P. Johnson, MD.
Carol Christianson, MS.
University of South Dakota, School of Medicine.

VSD Course
This course illustrates blood flow through the normal heart as it differs from hearts with a ventricular septal defect (VSD).

Medical Genetics
Recommended Core Educational Guidelines for Family Practice Residents ... American Academy of Family Physicians ...

International Society of Nurses in Genetics
... use the resources assembled for nurses new knowlege about human genetics into their practice, education and research activites ...

UT Southwestern Medical Student Home Page and Curriculum Links
Medical School Sophomore Pathology Case Studies.
Pathology Seminar Series Lecture Schedule.

Genetic Concepts and Genetic Tests
University of South Dakota School of Medicine.

Clinical Genetics
A Self-Study Guide for Health Care Providers.

Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education

What Can The Gene Tests Tell Us?
Some currently available DNA-based Gene Tests. Originally appeared in a special genetics issue of The Judges' Journal of the American Bar Association, Summer 1997, Vol. 36:3.

Medical Student Sites and More

Birth Defects Surveillance, Research, and Prevention: Using the Data (Slide - Show)
Paula W. Yoon, ScD, MPH

Institute of Medical Genetics in Cardiff - Courses

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