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Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program

Participation at the 30th Conference of the European Teratology Society

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Dr. N. Yuskiv,
Volyn UABDP Center Medical Geneticist

The European Teratology Society (ETS) was founded and adopted at the 3rd International Birth Defects Conference in Hague, September 7-13, 1969. The 1st ETS Conference was held in Cardiff (Wales) in 1971. The Society aim was to provide an effective collaboration of all European countries in scientific researches of birth defects. Today the European Teratology Society includes approximately 500 members from 34 countries from the whole world. It provides an active collaboration with the similar societies in Japan, USA and with the International Teratology Societies Federation.

The 30th Conference of the European Teratology Society and Annual Meeting of Society members was held in Hannover, Germany, in September 7-11. The meeting was started with symposium on "Adverse Effects of Endocrine Disrupters" co-organized with the section of Toxicology of the German Pharmacology-Toxicology Society. In the meeting frames there were symposiums and workshops with the participation of experimental teratologists, clinicians and epidemiologists.

The breadth and specificity of the scientific researches presented at the conference could be better illustrated with the different questions and problems, which were discussed at the conference. Among these questions were: genetic polymorphism, influence of xenoestrogenic and industrial and chemical substances on the reproductive system in experiment, new methods and technologies in experimental teratology, epidemiology of birth defects, genes and neural tube development, folates and diseases prevention.

At this international conference the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program presented 2 poster reports: "Prevalence of Down Syndrome in Western Ukraine, 2000-2001" and "Prevalence of Spina Bifida, Anencephaly and Encephalocele in Western Ukraine 2000-2001". The epidemiological researches were provided on the basis of the Newborn Registry database of Volyn and Rivne Oblasts according to the international standards. The conclusion of the research is that Down syndrome rate in these 2 Oblasts, which include the rayons suffered from the Chornobyl Nuclear Plant accident, is lower than expected rate. The neural tube defects rate is two times higher than in the USA before the beginning of the folic acid fortification (20 years ago).

International specialists near the Ukrainian posters
International specialists near the Ukrainian posters
International specialists near the Ukrainian posters

During poster reports the informational materials about Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program site -- "International Birth Defects Information Systems (IBIS)" were presented.

The scientists and international specialists were interested in the presented information. The materials were published in official journal "Reproductive Toxicology" of the European Teratology Society.

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