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Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program

Participation of the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program in the 3rd Congress of the Ukrainian Medical Geneticists

October 2-4, 2002 (Lviv)

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Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program
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L. Yevtushok,
Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program
Medical Director

The aim of the congress was to discuss the current condition and perspectives of fundamental and applied scientific research development in the field of medical genetics and their implantation into health care practice and specialist training system.

Dr. W. Wertelecki, Director of the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program, Dr I. Barylyak, President of the Ukrainian Alliance for the Prevention of Birth defects, and representatives of all Oblasts involved in the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program took part in the meeting.

Dr. W. Wertelecki (right) at the Congress Presidium
Dr. W. Wertelecki (right) at the Congress Presidium

At the plenary session, the director of the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program Dr W. Wertelecki made his report: "Birth defects surveillance and prevention in Ukraine - Strategies and results" (click to view in Ukrainian). In his report he presented goals, strategies and achieved results of the Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program.

Besides Dr. W. Wertelecki coordinated the work of the sectional meeting "The epidemiology of congenital and inherited pathology". He made the presentation of the WEB-site "IBIS - International Birth Defects Information Systems" at the section. The presentation aroused great interest and active discussing among the present people.

Presentation of the IBIS site
Presentation of the IBIS site

There were presented 2 poster reports of the Program teams:

  1. L. Yevtushok, S. Polishchuk, N. Yuskiv, T. Vihovska, Z. Sosynyuk, W. Wertelecki, G. Oakley. Prevalence of Spina Bifida and anencephaly in Rivne and Volyn Oblasts of Ukraine in 2000-2001 (Rivne, Lutsk, Ukraine, USA).

  2. N. Yuskiv, T. Vihovska, L. Yevtushok, W. Wertelecki, G. Oakley. Prevalence of Down syndrome in Western Ukraine in 2000-2002 (Rivne, Lutsk, Ukraine, USA).

The publishing activity of the UABDP OMNI-centers was demonstrated to the participants during the congress. There were distributed nearly 1000 flyers ("Fetal alcohol syndrome", "Phenilketonuria", "Folic acid", "Spinal defects", "Alliance for the prevention of birth defects", "Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program"), approximately 150 fact sheets about IBIS and UABDP OMNI-Center Network and more than 100 hundred copies of a letter from Dr. W. Wertelecki to his colleagues.

The participants of the meeting ordered the following books: "Growth References: from the 3rd trimester to adulthood" (52 books), "Birth defects - information for physicians" (68 books), "Birth defects - information for parents" (42 books), "Folic acid and diseases prevention" - monograph (42 books).

Ordering UABDP publications
Ordering UABDP publications
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