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Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program

Meeting with Kyiv Children's Neurologists

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Iryna Kharytonova,
Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program Liaison

The meeting was held in the Kyiv OMNI-Center on May 14. It was initiated by Dr. Lyudmyla Chepiha, Chief Kyiv Children's Neurologist. Kyiv children's neurologists have such meetings every month on a regular base. Fourteen (14) children's neurologists took part in this meeting. The goal of the meeting was to involve the Kyiv children's neurologists in the Alliance activities, present the Kyiv OMNI-Center and Fortification Project to them.

UABDP Development Director Dianna Derhak welcomed the audience and presented the the UABDP activities with the emphasis on Alliance and OMNI-Center components.

The Alliance presentation was done by Dr. Iryna Kharytonova. She told about Neural Tube Defects (NTD) Parental Support Group, new information resources related to the NTD group, the World Bank Small Grant Program's Project and the NTD Recurrence Prevention Project. "This Child is Mine" video film and "Spina Bifida" guidelines for parents were presented as well.

"Spina Bifida" guidelines for parents presentation
"Spina Bifida" guidelines for parents presentation

Dr. Olena Trush, UABDP Consultant, informed the doctors about the Kyiv OMNI-Center and its resources. Special attention was paid to the Fortification Project.

The following printed materials were distributed as the handouts at the meeting:

As a result of the meeting 13 children neurologists joined the Alliance (Dr. L. Chepiha is the Alliance member since 2002).

Dr. L. Chepiha (right) discusses further activities on parental support groups formation with her colleagues
Dr. L. Chepiha (right) discusses further activities
on parental support groups formation
with her colleagues

The new Alliance members expressed their will to:

  1. Disseminate information about the Alliance, and recruit more parents with birth defects, NTD, in particular.
  2. Inform every family that has an NTD child about the "Spina Bifida" guidelines for parents; the book is available for them in the Alliance.
  3. Start formation of a Muscular Dystrophy Parental Support Group.
  4. Take part in the telemedicine consultations (Dr. H. Skyban is a contact person).
  5. Dr. L. Chepiha will provide the Kyiv city authorities with information regarding folic acid fortification.

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