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Visit of Drs. W. Wertelecki and I. Barylyak to Khmelnytsky

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Nataliya Zymak-Zakutnya,
Chief of Khmelnytsky Regional Medical Genetic Consultation

On June 2, 2003 professor W. Wertelecki, Ukrainian American Birth Defects Program (UABDP) Director and Chairman of the Department of Medical Genetics of the University of South Alabama, and professor I. Barylyak, Alliance for the Prevention of Birth Defects President, visited Khmelnytsky.

Prof. W. Wertelecki and Prof. I. Barylyak had a meeting with Mr. V. Lundyshev, Head of Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration, V. Taran, Head of Health Care Department of Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration, A. Rozdobudko, Assistant Head, and O. Illinska, Head of Khmelnytsky Oblast Culture Department. At this meeting the results of the UABDP work in Khmelnytsky oblast and the perspectives of its further realization were discussed. Also, there was underlined the UABDP contribution to birth defects diagnosis according to international standards, patients care improvement, broadening of Podillya region medical specialists' outlook by means of the teleconsultation system. The educational programs provided by OMNI-Center Network were highly estimated. The Governor Mr. V. Lundyshev confirmed that Khmelnytsky Region is ready to support the Folic acid flour fortification program as soon as it will be available in Ukraine. It was said that competitions of talented children serve as the confirmation of BD-free life harmony. There was made a settlement as to the concert of V. Horowytz young pianists' competition winners in Khmelnytsky.

From left to right: Dr. V. Taran, Mr. V. Lundyshev, Mr. A. Rozdobudko, Dr. W. Wertelecki
From left to right: Dr. V. Taran, Mr. V. Lundyshev,
Mr. A. Rozdobudko, Dr. W. Wertelecki

The visit of professor W. Wertelecki - who is the acknowledged specialist in medical genetics - attracted attention of mass media. The press-conference with journalists from municipal and regional periodicals and local TV and radio companies took place in the conference-hall of Khmelnytsky Oblast State TV and Radio Company. During this conference professor W. Wertelecky explained in details why the problem of birth defects is so sharp nowadays, what the aims of UABDP are, for what and for whom the OMNI-centers work. The interesting and very productive communication was reflected by the TV-programs of Khmelnytsky Oblast State TV and Radio Company and TV and Radio Company "Contact": the reportages about Professor W. Wertelecki visit to Khmelnytsky, and special program "Relevant Topic".

From left to right: Drs. V. Taran, W. Wertelecki, I. Barylyak, N. Zymak-Zakutnya press-conference
From left to right: Drs. V. Taran, W. Wertelecki,
I. Barylyak, N. Zymak-Zakutnya during the press-conference

The next point of Professor W. Wertelecki and professor I. Barylyak visit was the meeting in Khmelnytsky UABDP center. It is situated in the Medical Genetic Consultation in Khmelnytsky Delivery Hospital. The meeting was participated by A. Yakubovskiy, Chief Doctor of Khmelnytsky Delivery Hospital, Professor P. Hryhorenko, Dean of Post-Diploma Education Department of Vinnytsya National Medical University, doctors of Khmelnytsky Delivery Hospital, and Khmelnytsky team of UABDP. There were discussed the perspectives of further collaboration, the possibility of Ukrainian specialists traineeship with the foreign specialists as to improvement of birth defects pre- and postnatal diagnosis.

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